Oxford Calling

A blog about working full time and studying part time

Word is spreading of my impending student-hood, and the reactions I’m getting are not quite what I was expecting. Not sure what I anticipated from other people beyond a faint murmur of ‘well done’ and possibly a ‘best of luck’, but the comments have ranged from absolutely delighted to utterly horrified! Most people’s opinions have generally been one of the following:

“Study? Yuck! Poor you!” 

A few colleagues greeted the news as though a dreadful misfortune had befallen me, but if your own school and university weren’t happy times then I suppose you might not understand why anyone else would choose to repeat them.  

“But why? You already have a job?”

Others were genuinely baffled, gazing at me in disbelief at the sheer madness of my decision.  Having reached a nice comfortable level of employment. Deciding to give up a hefty chunk of finances, social life, and leisure time in return for more work, stress and hassle might seem strange, but and the skills that got me through the door many years ago are not the ones I’ll need to progress my career further, so it’s time to equip myself with some fresh knowledge and understanding for the next stage of my life.

“Ooo good for you, I’d LOVE to do something like that!”

My favourite reaction, usually accompanied by a big grin and a twinkle in the eye! A number of acquaintances harboured ambitions to hit the books again, but their life/family/financial situation mean it’s simply wasn’t possible. These people were really keen to follow I’m getting on, so it’ll be fun sharing tales of the journey with them.   

So my takeaway from all this? Don’t expect everyone to understand (or even fully support) your decision to go back to studying, but don’t allow the naysayers cast doubt on your decision either. If you know its right for you, that’s all that matters.

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