Oxford Calling

A blog about working full time and studying part time

I’m not sure about you, but I was a pretty terrible student the first time round. My undergraduate life generally involved late nights at the student bar, sleeping half the morning, and only when it couldn’t be avoided, the odd lecture and study session. But now, having been knocked into shape by the rigours of the finance sector, this slovenly attitude simply won’t do – there’s no way i’m giving up a chunk of my finances, social life, annual leave, and sanity in return for a so-so grade. So it make sense to figure out how i’m going learn properly BEFORE I start!

On first glace studying is pretty simple, read a few books, listen to lectures, and make a ton of notes, right? But how do you actually do these really well? There must be more to it than re-reading your notes and hoping for the best?

So in preparation for this new challenge I’m currently looking into optimal method for:

Taking notes in lectures

Reading lists and how to learn from them 

Optimal revision strategies and time management plans

Exam preparation 

There’s a lot to think about, even before I’ve laid a hand on a textbook! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on each of these in turn, and trying out a range of techniques to see which work best for me.

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