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The application for my university student ID card arrived today, taking me a step closer to full student status! The main benefit of this is that I’ll soon be eligible for student discounts (which is just as well since studying is so EXPENSIVE!).  

A quick scan through some current discounts reveal that sadly there are none for Selfridges or Jimmy Choo (how unfair!), but plenty for bars and restaurants near my office. These will come in handy for cocktails after post-work study sessions, and are possibly most useful ones for student-professionals whose days shopping at Topshop and Miss Selfridge are long gone. Waterstones and Foyles are included, as are several cinemas and other service providers, so definitely worth the time and effort.

Accessing these discounts these days is less straightforward than during my undergrad years, and most require holding an additional form of student ID. The Totum card/app (the modern version of an NUS card) appears to be the most comprehensive, but the UniDays app has a good range too. There are other cards worth checking out too, such as Student Beans, and the internationally recognised ISAC card, which would come in handy when travelling to see clients overseas. 

While it’s nice to be free of student financial pressures, I’ll still be making the most of any discounts on offer, and even if they’re not, I’ll be whipping out my card, flashing a grin, and asking for one anyway (one thing my time in the City has taught me – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!) 

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