Oxford Calling

A blog about working full time and studying part time

Happy Christmas! My family got into Oxford spirit by buying me a few essentials for my studies. First up was a robe and ribbon that’ll form part of my sub fusc – the academic robes which i’ll be wearing to each of my term exams, formal dinners, and graduation. This batlike garment consists of a waist-length robe with a pair of long streamers falling from the shoulder wings, which wouldn’t like out of place in a 1980s Adam Ant video. It also comes with a velvet ribbon (for women only) that is knotted quaintly around the neck. This, along with a white shirt, black skirt and black tights form the uniform of an oxford student, which I’ll be doing my best werk as I stroll down the halls (I’m not sure Jimmy Choos are traditionally part of the getup, but I’ll definitely be taking mine!).

I also got my college scarf, an Oxford mug, and most usefully, a Cornell method notebook. This is the method i’ve chosen to take notes in lectures as it appears to lend itself well to active learning. With term starting in exactly a month it won’t be long before I find out!

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