Oxford Calling

A blog about working full time and studying part time

Happy Hogmanay! I’m in the Scottish highlands for a week to celebrate the new year, and to take some time out from my hectic London schedule. December was a whirl of social events and family gatherings, so a week in a remote log cabin on the ‘bonny banks’ of Loch Lomond was just what I needed to reflect on my upcoming year of combining work with study.

Part of me is still wondering if I have the ability to manage it all. The work will undoubtedly be tough, and there’ll times when i’ll feel stressed out, tired, and overloaded. But being in this lovely place, surrounded by nature, peace, and the elements, is proving to be a great place to think about these moments, and develop mental strategies for coping. One popular recommendation for such occasions is to picture a place of calm and reflection to retreat into until the stress and anxiety subside. So whilst I leave the highlands and return to reality in a few days, my mind will come back to visit when times get tough.

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