Oxford Calling

A blog about working full time and studying part time

Less than two weeks to go until I start lectures at Oxford! I’ve been getting stuck into my (rather lengthy) pre-course reading list, and putting together the case study I’ll need to bring to class. The case study will be on my own employer, and since starting work on it i’ve learnt more about my own organisation in two weeks than I learned in the previous four years!

Had you asked me before Christmas if I knew a lot about my firm I’d have said ‘yeah…definitely’, but it turns out that there’s a big difference between passively taking in what’s going on around you and actively hunting out information. This, I’m sure, is one of the many fantastic benefits of going back to education after many years of work, and I can feel old parts of my brain (probably not used since my undergraduate years at Bath Uni) being dusted off and fired up in response.

How does this feel? Fantastic, invigorating, and makes me totally up for the challenge!  

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