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 My professional life

I graduated with a BA Hons in European Studies from Bath University back in the early 00s, and with no immediate sense of what to do with my life, headed for the bright lights of London to see what the world had to offer. After passing through a few admin roles I found myself covering reception at an investment bank. The trading environment was like nothing I’d ever seen before, with its noise, excitement, and atmosphere. I had no idea what anyone was doing, but I wanted in!

Thus my career in finance began, and I spent the next few years working in support roles, and finding my feet in this strange environment. By gaining front office experience and passing financial qualifications while working at American and German banks, I began to climb the latter, before my big break came to train as a credit risk analyst at a large rating agency. 

The following few years were spent working as a consultant, travelling to work with banks across Europe, before I moved on to a Clearing House position, where I specialised in oil and gas derivatives counterparties for the power, crude oil, and natural gas markets. After taking a career break in 2015 to work with the National Trust, I settled into my current job, where I’m focused on OTC/FX derivatives trading counterparties. 

My voluntary roles

Head of Networks – Women in Banking & Finance UK

I plan, arrange, and host monthly networking events to help professional women working in the financial sector to develop a strategic and long-lasting peer network by building strong relationships across the industry. Through these social events, members inform, inspire and assist each other professionally and personally.

Court Assistant (Director) of the Guild of Investment Management. 

I sit on board as a court assistant, and help the Guild deliver on its fellowship goals and charitable endeavours. I’m passionate about ensuring that industry professionals of all race, sexual preference, gender, and ability are encouraged and represented and take part in the Livery world.

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